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Vamshycle Welcomes You

Bringing to you the technology your balance bike deserves!


Concept of Balance Bike

What are Balance Bikes?

In a lay-man term, these are simple bikes without pedals and brakes. Often referred to as 'Running Bike' or 'Pre Bike'.

Why purchase a balance bike for your toddler?

These bikes are specifically designed for young children with a simple focus on maintaining their balance. This helps the child improve and learn the technique of 'Balancing' quickly and easily. As compared to traditional bikes, a Balance Bike does not have pedals and brakes making it less complicated for children to use and more fun and enjoyable for children to ride.

Considering there are less moving parts in this bike, it means less maintenance for a parent.

What makes 'Tipayi' safe for your child?

TIPAYI by 'Vamshycle' is made of a patented design. A lot of thought has been put behind this design to ensure a child friendly design. Key focus has been provided on Posture while riding, Comfort and easy usability.

TIPAYI is made out of premium and child friendly material.

As opposed to the conventional bike or toddler bike, TIPAYI grows as your child grows.